What are the MIST BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS and what are their effects?

In addition to the three most common types of fertilizers being used by farmers these days, there is a fourth more recent type which combines the characteristics of an organic fertilizer and a bio-fertilizer, thus the name BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZER. In other words, the BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZER contains naturally occurring organic compounds from plants and animals plus colonies of beneficial microorganisms that colonize the rhizosphere of the plant and help the plant perform its functions to grow healthy and bear optimal flowers and fruits. This is the type of fertilizer that the MIST is manufacturing for farmers.

The ORGUANO BASAL FERTILIZER and SYRUPLAST FOLIAR FERLIZER are BIO-ORGANIC FERTLIZERS developed by the Mindanao Institute of Sustainable Technologies (MIST).  As the term implies,  the ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST combine a high grade formulation of an Organic Fertilizer and a most effective combination of beneficial microorganisms of a Biofertilizer, thus simultaneously addressing the need for sufficient mineral elements in the soil and a healthy colony of beneficial microbes in the plant rhizosphere.  Specifically, these two substances are briefly described as follows


Independent laboratory analyses of the ORGUANO

The ORGUANO BIO-ORGANIC BASAL FERTILIZER boosts soil NPK and nutrient content and increases soil fertility and water holding capacity through a base organic compound comprised of an adequately matured compost that combines the best effects of least four types of animal manure, plus humic acid (humus), as well as protein and amino extracts from carefully selected organic sources.  The unique combination of NPK and other macro and micro nutrients and high levels of organic matter and organic carbon in ORGUANO is vetted through an independent laboratory analysis (see table below).  In order to further boost plant health and simultaneously achieve the desired effects of a biofertilizer,  the organic matter in ORGUANO is inhabited by pre-established colonies of beneficial microbes belonging to the family of “plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria” [PGPR] including Bacillus as biocontrol agent and beneficial fungi such as Tricoderma and Micorrhiza for better plant nutrient uptake and protection against diseases and toxins.  This makes ORGUANO a very potent and highly sustainable source of plant nutrition in soils.


Independent laboratory analyses of the SYRUPLAST

The SYRUPLAST BIO-ORGANIC FOLIAR FERTILIZER is especially designed to work in tandem with ORGUANO to boost plant flowering and fruiting ability and further enhance plant health and resistance against pests and diseases.  SYRUPLAST supplies additional micronutrients, particularly zinc, copper and manganese from carefully selected organic mineral extracts, sugars and fruit juices; including amino acids from fish and selected types of seaweeds and botanical plants (see table).  Through the infusion of beneficial microorganisms, SYRUPLAST is basically a living substance containing carefully cultured colonies of IMO (indigenous microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa) and PGPR such as Micorrhiza, bacterial yeast, and Bacillus.   Working in tandem with ORGUANO, SYRUPLAST delivers significantly higher yields and longer productive life spans from bio-organically fertilized plants and soils.

What are the proven beneficial effects of the ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST?

MIST greenhouse trials in cucumber

The effectiveness of the ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST in boosting plant health and productivity have been proven in trials by both MIST and independent agricultural companies as well as in actual use by both large agricultural farms and small farmers.  For example, in MIST trials with cucumber, the yield of cucumber planted in ORGUANO-fertilized soil was almost 100% greater in plants that received a 3x (every 2 weeks) application of SYRUPLAST compared to those of the control plants which were applied with chemical fertilizer (60-30-30 kg of NPK/Ha) without ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST.  Moreover, in conical pepper (“atsal”), although control plants with synthetic fertilizer bore flowers earlier, those supplied with ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST quickly surpassed the control plants in terms of the number of flowers and development of flowers into actual fruits

Actual product testing of an international seed company

The results of the trials by an international seed company were likewise hugely in favor of the MIST products where various basal and foliar fertilizer combinations were tested with ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST pitted against imported and local organic fertilizers. In ‘patola’, the ORGUANO + SYRUPLAST combination resulted to a yield that was 13% higher than the combination of two imported products while, in eggplant, the yield from the ORGUANO + SYRUPLAST combination was 20% higher than other combinations.

Infect banana (left) and healthier bananas (right) in actual farm trials by a large banana plantation

The effectiveness of ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST was also proven in tests conducted by a large banana plantation.  In this case, plantation managers wanted to boost the bananas’ health and resistance to diseases, particularly with regard to Panama Disease, by applying ORGUANO and SYRUPLAST in an affected portion of the plantation.   True enough, infected plants showed better health and stronger resistance to the disease after only two weeks of application.  Moreover, the treated portion later showed up to 30% greater yield compared to areas were the MIST fertilizers were not applied. Testimonies and anecdotal reports from other farmers indicate similar results with corn and other crops.

What are the application rates and prices of the MIST Bio-organic Fertilizers?

The suggested retail price (SRP) for the MIST ORGUANO BIO-ORGANIC BASAL FERTILIZER is PHP 400 per 50 kg bag while the SRP for the MIST SYRUPLAST BIO-ORGANIC FOLIAR FERTILIZER is PHP 590 per 1-liter bottle.[1]  The recommended application rate for ORGUANO is 10 – 20 sacks per hectare for rice and corn; 2 to 3 kg per plant for bananas and fruit trees; and 150 to 180 grams per hill for vegetables and ornamentals while the recommended application rate for the SYRUPLAST is 80 to 120 ml. per 16-liter knapsack (sprayer).[2] 

At these rates, the MIST BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS provide a much cheaper option to chemical fertilizers which could cost up to PHP 1400 per bag, depending on the type, aside from the fact that they eventually leave harmful residues in soils.  Furthermore, as proven by agricultural companies and farmers for who have tried these products, the use of MIST BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS results to vigorous plants and significantly higher yields thus greater income compared to chemical or other types and brands of fertilizers.  Most importantly, the MIST BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS are 100% environment-friendly and have long-term positive effects in the soil.

[1] The SRP is subject to price adjustments and actual store prices may vary according to the region or farm location.

[2] Application rates can vary according to the types of soils and plants

What are the incentives and support packages that MIST provide?

Considering their proven effectiveness and long-term positive benefits, the MIST BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS are very reasonably priced in the market – in fact even cheaper than many less-effective products in their category.[1]  This is because our company seriously adheres to its vision of:  “Progressive rural communities enjoying increased productivity and improved livelihoods through the use of alternative sustainable technologies developed and introduced by the MIST.”

Moreover, the MIST provides generous incentives for volume / wholesale purchases and is willing to provide training and technical support to long-term partners and first-time users of the bioorganic products.  The MIST trainers and technicians are highly trained experts with strong, actual experience in the type of crop the client intends to invest in.  The MIST can also facilitate contact between clients and resource persons from relevant farms and partner companies who have tried the MIST BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS.  For depleted soils, the MIST offers farm rehabilitation packages on a per hectare basis.  For interested dealers, the MIST offers convenient, low-investment dealership contracts and exclusive dealership arrangements in selected regions.[2]

[1] Note that the SRP might be subject to increase due to high demand for these products.

[2] MIST prefers company to company transactions and does not engage in direct retail.

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