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The best combination of naturally occurring organic compounds and beneficial micro-organisms for optimal plant health and productivity

We produce natural living substances

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The ultimate basal fertilizer delivering the combined outcome of organic nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that boost soil fertility and plant health through natural processes

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A foliar fertilizer – basically a living substance – that promotes optimum crop yields by naturally infusing organic nutrients and beneficial microorganisms into the treated plants

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A concentrated substance comprised of organic compounds and beneficial microorganisms that make use of natural processes to rehabilitate or recondition depleted soils

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We care for our clients

Support Services


MIST provides customized training for cooperatives and farmers groups through our in-house trainers and technicians or in collaboration with our technical partners

Technical Support

MIST technicians can be contacted via e-mail, phone calls, or actual site visits to answer questions and provide technical support regarding the use of our bio-organic products

Organized Farm Tours

MIST can arrange educational tours to farms and agricultural projects that are actively using the MIST bio-organic fertilizers

Network with Fellow Farmers

MIST can link prospective clients with farmers who have successfully used our bio-organic fertilizers and are willing to share their knowledge and experience

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Our Vision

Progressive rural communities enjoying increased productivity and improved livelihoods through the use of alternative sustainable technologies developed and introduced by the MIST.”

Our Mission

“To develop and popularize small to industrial scale innovative and sustainable supplies, equipment and methodologies; to build markets and provide technical support on these technologies, in order to increase efficiency and improve the competitive position of our clients, especially those operating in rural areas.”

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