Highly Potent Bio-Organic Foliar Fertilizer

SYRUPLAST BIO-ORGANIC FOLIAR FERTILIZER is the flagship bio-organic product of the Mindanao Institute of Sustainable Technologies (MIST). It is a substance in syrup form especially formulated to optimally boost plant flowering and fruiting ability and enhance plant health and resistance against pests and diseases. SYRUPLAST efficiently achieves this purpose through the combination of its two special components which are not often found in many similar products.

SYRUPLAST is rich in macro and micro nutrients essential to crops
Analysis conducted by Davao Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
PGPRs in SYRUPLAST colonize the plant phyllosphere and rhizosphere and, in return, they make nutrients available to the host plant, control pathogens and boost plant development, disease resistance and stress resilience
(Image source: ResearchGate)

Thus, as a sum of these two components, SYRUPLAST is basically a ‘living’ substance that provides crops with the perfect combination of essential nutrients and the beneficial microorganisms — a combination that delivers significantly higher yields and longer productive life spans from treated crops. These results are further boosted when SYRUPLAST is used in tandem with the MIST ORGUANO BIO-ORGANIC BASAL FERTILIZER. The joint action of beneficial microorganisms from these two MIST products is illustrated in the schematic diagram below (Relevant data and testimonies from greenhouse tests and actual application of SYRUPLAST in farms by MIST clients are currently being organized to be added in later posts).

Application. The SYRUPLAST BIO-ORGANIC FOLIAR FERTILIZER provides best results with one-time application (2 to 4 weeks after plant germination) at a ratio of 1 tablespoon mixed with 1 liter of clean water (16 tablespoons of SYRUPLAST per 16-liter knapsack/sprayer or 2 liters of SYRUPLAST per 200-liter drum of water).  Alternatively, SYRUPLAST can be applied twice at 1-2 weeks interval at half the above recommended rate.  Or, if used in combination with the ORGUANO BIO-ORGANIC BASAL FERTILIZER or other commercial (inorganic) fertilizers, half the above recommended ratio will still result to favorable effects.   Application rates may be slightly increased depending on soil conditions. MIST Bio-organic Fertilizers autonomously regulate the nutrient intake of plants thus pose no risk of overdose.  These Bio-organic Fertilizers are generally compatible with other commercial fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.

SYRUPLAST does not contain chemicals or organisms that are harmful to human health or the environment. The MIST supports global efforts to recycle, reuse, reduce plastics to protect the environment. We buy back used SYRUPLAST bottles for recycling.

Pricing. In line with our corporate vision and mission, MIST set a pricing scheme that is affordable to ordinary farmers and gardening enthusiasts. The market price of SYRUPLAST is often significantly cheaper compared to products with similar claims, including those produced from countries outside the Philippines. MIST also provides large discounts for bulk orders and/or long-term supply contracts. To inquire about our up-to-date prices, distributors and bulk purchase packages, you can contact us through this website; e-mail us in this address; or send a messenger message through the MIST FB page.

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